Events — We Need Your Unwanted Paper for our National Tree Week Project!

07/11/2022 until 20/11/2022

In support of The Tree Council’s National Tree Week on November 26th – December 4th we are launching a new project withCreative Minds Scarborough and local Girl Guiding groups to make some creative crafty Christmas trees from unused / unwanted paper such as newspaper.

The trees will then be installed in Brunswick ready for National Tree Week and will remain throughout December.

WHERE TO DONATE YOUR PAPER: Our National Tree Week Wheelie Bin will be located towards the back of Brunswick on the ground floor by the old Debenhams unit.

WHEN: You can drop off your donations from 7th – 20th November (within centre opening hours).

WHY? Trees are some of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against climate change as they reduce the ‘Greenhouse’ effect by removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen. Each year a mature tree produces enough oxygen for 10 people.

WHAT CAN BE ACCEPTED: Newspapers / printer paper / paper that would typically get shredded.

WHAT CAN’T BE ACCEPTED: Paper that can’t be recycled (such as wrapping paper with glitter / sparkles on) cannot be accepted.

After Christmas the trees will be recycled. We hope you can help!

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