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Brunswick Supports Crucial Crew

Brunswick’s sponsorship of this year’s Crucial Crew has helped over 1400 youngsters in the Scarborough district learn how to stay safe. During the events, Year 6 students from across the district learn about keeping safe and what to do if ever faced with an emergency. Vital skills such as how to make a 999 call, thinking about an escape plan in the event of a fire in the home and keeping themselves safe near the sea are all taught. Students have also had the opportunity to learn about keeping themselves safe around electricity and what to do if they suspect a gas leak at home. A new workshop run by the NHS Healthy Child Team which was introduced this year taught students about personal well-being and keeping a healthy mind. Other issues covered include drug and alcohol abuse and maintaining healthy relationships.

As part of the activities youngsters attending the event are asked to design a poster and the fabulous results are currently on display in the Centre. Here’s a list of our winners!

Braeburn Primary & Nursery School
Harry Hogle

Gladstone Road Primary School
Arathy Suresh Nair
James Roberts
Grace Marie

Hertford Vale C. E. Primary School
Charlie Jack Wharton
Harry Napthine

Northstead Primary School
Sienna Darwell

Norton Community Primary School
Cheem Naynes
Gracie Ward
Alisa Gem

Ruswarp C.E. Primary
Bradley Hansell
Kaelin Fox-freeman
Thomas Barnes

Scarborough College Prep School
Tilly Scott
Aishani Datt
Mizuki Takio

Springhead School
Sophie Maeer
Partick Lambert
Kaden St Clair

St. Hilda’s R.C. Primary School
Gabriella Easter
Penny Aldous
Izizac Ferguson

West Heslertan C.E. School


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