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Saturday 9 February
11.30 – 12.15 & 14.30 – 15.15

Come and meet the cast and enjoy excerpts and music from this year’s Coastival shows; Love When It’s Brass and The Wild Zone.

Find out what else is on in Scarborough at Coastival 2019 by visiting:  https://coastival.com


In a shower of Swarovski crystals and cupcakes, ‘Love When It’s Brass’ is a comedy written and directed by Alison Watt, inspired by Ben Jonson’s 17th century city comedies but set in contemporary Scarborough. It’s B-J and Ricky’s wedding day and chief-bridesmaid Rose has planned a reception to die for. The vintage country garden theme is perfect and the happy couple are utterly in love. But unbeknownst to Rose, her controlled world is about to take a detour into the comically bizarre. A light-hearted look at the timelessness of love, money and the trials of running a wedding reception, ‘Love When It’s Brass’ can be seen on Friday 22nd February at 7.45pm in The McCarthy at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Tickets cost £8 and can be bought from the Stephen Joseph Theatre box office or at www.sjt.uk.com.

 Venture to the future and enter ‘The Wild Zone’, an immersive experience of live theatre and digital media written and directed by John Pattison that sees the Spa’s Regency Room converted into an interactive time-travelling pod. Suitable for children and families, this exciting sci-fi adventure gives everyone the chance to be a part of the story. Can you help crack the codes, beat the clock and maybe save the planet? Set in the 24th century, when the loss of nature has reached a critical point, it tells the story of two scientists who stumble on a secret facility guarded by a quirky super computer, which may just hold the key to humanity’s survival. ‘The Wild Zone’ can be seen on February Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th with performances at 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm. Tickets cost £5 and can be booked from www.scarboroughspa.co.uk.



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