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Great news – our stores will be open again on Wednesday 2 December!

From Wednesday 2 December stores at Brunswick Shopping Centre previously deemed non-essential will re-open for business.


From 2 December

Monday: 09:00 -17:30 

Tuesday: 09:00 -17:30 

Wednesday: 09:00 -17:30 

Thursday 3rd & 10th: 09:00 -18:30 

Thursday 17th: 09:00 -19:00 

Friday: 09:00 -17:30 

Saturday: 09:00 -17:30 

Sunday: 10:30 – 16.30 

Christmas Eve: 09:00 -16:30 

Christmas Day: Closed 


Boxing Day: 09:00 -17:30 

Sunday 27 Dec: 10:30 – 16.30 

Monday 28 Dec: 09:00 -17:30 

Tuesday 29 Dec: 09:00 -17:30 

Wednesday 30 Dec: 09:00 -17:30 

New Years Eve: 09:00 -16:30 


New Years Day: 10:30 – 16.30

Monday – Saturday: 09:00 -17:30 

Sunday: 10:30 – 16.30 

Which stores will be open at Brunswick

The following stores will be open as of 2 December

Bodycare, Brunswick News, Bonmarche, Clintons, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Esquires, Gift Company, Holland & Barrett, Mack & Dans, Max Spielman, New Look, Next, Nomination, O2, Retail Phone Accessories, Roman, Supercuts, The Fragrance Shop, The Watch Hospital. Topshop, Topman, Toyland, Trespass, Yours.

Individual store times vary, please check each store’s page here

Are your coffee shops open?

Esquires and Bentley’s in Debenhams will be open as of 2 December. 

Individual store times vary, please check each cafe’s page here

Has the cleaning of the centre been increased? 

Yes, an enhanced cleaning pattern has been implemented to ensure that the centre is regularly cleaned.

Are the toilets open?

The toilet facilities at the centre are open. 

Can I park? 

Our car park will be open. As with the Centre, we kindly ask that you play your part and respect other people’s space when parking and adhere to the 2-metre rule.

Please only use disabled bays if you are a blue badge holder and family bays if you have young children.

Are there any additional hand sanitiser stations at Brunswick? 

Yes, we have installed hand sanitisers at the entrance to the Centre. Also, each store will have hand sanitisers before you enter.

Is there a limit on the number of people that can be in the centre at one time?

We will closely monitor the number of people in the centre and if we feel the numbers are too high for you to safely social distance, we may temporarily close the entrances to the centre. 

Can we use the bins in the centre? 

Yes, the bins are still available to use and are being cleaned regularly.

Will there be public seating in the centre?

No. Due to Government regulations on social distancing measures we are currently unable to provide seating on the mall. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Can I use the lifts?

Please use the lifts individually or with people from the same household only.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

In line with the Government regulations, all visitors to Brunswick must wear face coverings at all times. Visitors will be required to wear face coverings upon entry to Brunswick and in all stores and communal areas throughout the centre. The only exception to this will be the table service areas of food and beverage outlets. 

A great deal of effort has gone into making Brunswick a safe place for our staff and customers, so we ask that everyone respects this new rule to ensure we limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe.

The Centre plays a huge role in serving our community during these uncertain times and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the work our store colleagues and our Centre team have done, and continue to do, to ensure the Centre remains a clean and safe place to visit.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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